Be Careful About Payment


Due to new technology develop, our life is well changed, but more cheater also appear in the network. One of greatest customer from Euro lost more than 15000usd in April, 2020.

He keep importing steel coils from us, but due to virus spread, he want to do some business on masks and need help from us.  So we search local resource and supply good quality to him. Everything is going well for first trail order. But bad things happened on second order, his email has been jacked and get wrong pi from similar email like us. The cheater changed our account name to his own and change bank account No accordingly

So we want to make conclusion as follows:

If we want to change bank account, we will using three ways together to inform you.

1.We will make a phone call to you

2.We will send it by fax and inform you

3.We will send it thought email and wechat whatsapp online talking way.

When we do business, we only use company account, and never using person name as account name. So no matter who you are working with, you must notice it.

Post time: Jun-09-2020